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Our Mission

At the intersection of news and film, arvonia films is an emerging leader in bridging the gap between journalism and entertainment. We create films that strengthen community, celebrate singularity, and magnify the voices of the unheard.


arvonia films is a documentary studio based in Los Angeles. We create shorts, series and features of non-fiction film content that meet critical journalistic standards. Led by a team of award-winning industry professionals in journalism, film and television, arvonia is a unique player in the flourishing documentary space.

About arvonia films

℗ The (New) Documentary Studio

Our Values


A core value to our mission, arvonia films has a critical eye for journalistic integrity and documentary filmmaking ethics.


We believe everyone should have access to play a role in Hollywood, despite their age, background, or stage in their career. arvonia films is built on the idea of supporting early-career filmmakers, the central idea behind our Incubator Program.


arvonia films embodies an original approach to transparency in the documentary film space. We keep our budgets and finances visible and accessible to our financiers, partners, streamers and publishers, ensuring the accuracy of production and minimizing production costs usually wasted or misused by traditional for-profit studios.


arvonia films prides itself on being led by contemporary taste makers in both the journalistic and film industries — our group of youth-led executives has an eye for contemporary documentary and social content.


Incubator Program

The arvonia films Incubator Program provides mentorship to early-career documentarians, assisting them in producing unique shorts emphasizing journalistic strength, ethics, and integrity. These projects are funded by our development fund, utilizing our staff, equipment, and resources from inception to distribution.

Submissions Open Soon

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