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The Studio

arvonia films is a contemporary nonfiction studio based in Los Angeles

About Us

Our Mission

At the intersection of news and film, arvonia films is an emerging leader in bridging the gap between journalism and entertainment.


We strive to amplify the obscure by creating films that strengthen community, celebrate singularity, and magnify voices of the unheard.


arvonia films produces provocative, authentic, captivating, and innovative documentaries exploring the dynamic experiences of the younger generation. Our work celebrates the voices, passions, and challenges of tomorrow’s leaders, while fostering a deeper understanding and connection across communities. Our creative objective is to inspire, enlighten, and empower both our audience and our visionary creators. In a world where ad supported journalism is shrinking, readers are dwindling, and news organizations are redefining their relationship to their audience, arvonia looks forward to innovatively blend captivating entertainment with trustworthy information

Incubator Program

At the core of our endeavor, arvonia highlights the voices of emerging documentary filmmakers in our incubator program, producing unique shorts and features emphasizing journalistic strength, ethics, and integrity. 


These projects are funded by our development fund, utilizing our staff, equipment, and resources from inception to distribution.

Public submissions coming soon.

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