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Editorial Policies

arvonia films maintains critical editorial guidelines for all our projects.

Editorial Independence Policy

arvonia films maintains a robust and critical editorial independence policy.

arvonia films retains full authority over editorial content to protect our projects’ creative intention and journalistic integrity. We do not accept donations from subjects, governments, or political groups. Though we accept gifts, grants, and sponsorships from individuals, organizations, and businesses, our content and conclusions are generated entirely independently of the interests of our donors. 

arvonia may accept donations to support the coverage of particular topics, but our organization will maintain full editorial control of that coverage. We will cede no right of review or influence of editorial content, nor tolerate any unauthorized distribution of editorial content. Disclosures regarding content and projects will be made in accordance with, at minimum, the legal mandates of our 501(c)(3 organization, and with further discretion of our Board of Directors and Creative Team.

Our publicly-listed Board of Directors moderate and challenge all spending decisions and revenue. The values and judgments portrayed in arvonia films’ content do not reflect the opinions of the Board; Executive Director Balin Schneider and the arvonia films Creative Team are responsible for the creation and direction of content.   

Our partners – businesses, streamers, publications, or other organizations – are carefully vetted to uphold these standards of editorial independence. In any partner-created content, arvonia will maintain creative and editorial freedom or partner with companies with strict guidelines.

arvonia films does not allow the following in any of their projects:

  • Reenactments of real-life events;

  • Compensation of subjects (though we may chose to reimburse subjects for travel costs incurred from production);

  • Gifts from subjects or individuals/organizations associated with subjects;

  • The crediting of subjects (including as Executive Producers) or involvement of subjects in the creative or editorial process; 

  • Dramatization or exaggeration real-life events;

  • Marketing materials that exploit traumatic events.

Our Policy on X, formerly known as Twitter

Based on X's stance on public media companies, arvonia films will not use or distribute media on X on any official channels. Our company-wide stance on X does not reflect the opinions of any members of our Board, Advisory Council, or officers, none of whom are restricted from using X for any personal reasons or non-arvonia-related business endeavors.

Our Policy on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

arvonia films recognizes the increasingly robust presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital space. At arvonia, we believe in keeping art human and keeping journalism trustworthy. In line with those values, we strictly prohibit the use of AI, generative or otherwise, by any of our staff, partners, or subjects for purposes such as content generation (including audio, video, and text), creating arguments or reaching journalistic conclusions, and project-related decision-making. 

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